Easy yoga exercises for your eyes

We spend most of the part of our daily life scrolling through the screens of computers or smartphones in order to entertain ourselves with one thing or the other. But do you know that the process of constantly spending a greater time in front of your TV screen or the screen of mobile phones and computers takes a great toll on your eyes?

Just like the other organs of your body, your eyes too are important. In fact, the human eye is considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Thus, it is very important to maintain the overall health of your eyes. The use of chemicals and medication for the eyes has its own pros and cons. However, a natural alternative like Yoga doesn’t come with any side-effects.

Under-eye treatment in Delhi can easily be done by performing several easy yoga exercises. The following exercises help to ease out overused muscles, thereby reducing tension in the eyes and face.

  • Blink:

This is an easy under-eye treatment in Delhi for your eyes. Just open your eyes wide and quickly blink it ten times. Now, close your eyes for twenty seconds and repeat the procedure for four more times. This exercise helps you to nourish your eye and relax its muscles.

  • Palming:

For this exercise, you are required to rub your palms together until they feel warm. Next, place your palms on the eyes and hold them till the palm feels warm. Try to relax while you do this. This exercise is known to be another form of relaxation.

  • Sideways and Rotation:

Sideways and rotation is considered to be another under-eye treatment in Delhi for the overall health of your eyes. This exercise rotates the muscles of your eyes. You are merely required to move your eyes gradually from side to side, and then in circles. Repeat this for about twenty times for best results.

  • Trataka:

Is a method of meditation that involves staring at a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame. It is said to bring energy to the “third eye” (ājňā chakra) and promote various psychic abilities. If it has been done under proper guidance then enhances the eyesight and concentration.

One can perform these exercises regularly in order to maintain the overall health of your eyes. Because eyes are precious.

“Before embarking on the journey of integrating Yogic techniques , one must take care to learn the right techniques, suitable for the unique individual that you are.” Shri Kaushal

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