Your Thoughts Matters

Spirituality is our eternal bond and we invite people with similar ideals, thoughts and teachings.

The Vasco da gamas of the self, the Galileo of the yoga, teslas of alternate lifestyles to come and be a part of this community.

Everyone is encouraged to be part of this experiences and to help fellow seekers in having a better and visible path towards spirituality.

A spiritual person is spiritual in every aspect of life, and for them it is a way of living. This community is like a family and this family is a vision of Shri Kaushal

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Shalini Kapoor

I feel calm and the problem of anxiety of mine is lately less. I feel i am in control of my life and the certain ups and downs of life will not shake me as they used to. Thanks the Samattva team for the experience. Looking forward for the next retreat.

Rahul Sharma
Marketing Manager

I have been feeling a sense of satisfaction and there is a feel good factor that I cannot explain, which always brings a smile to my face.

Michele Aldrin

The only thing that was absent from my life was spirituality and that’s also completed when I met Shri kaushal, who helped me take the path with ease and care. I could have never thought of a better Guru for my inner journey. Your Words and your teachings will always be there with me .I thank you with all my heart.