We live in troubling times. Everything seems to be changing more rapidly. People are getting angrier and making worse decisions. We are all super-stressed. No matter where you live in the world, there is some sort of problem going on.

However, we are never taught good ways to handle the stress of living. We usually run away from it or indulge in some sort of escape. Or we butt our heads against it trying to change things. All of this is a cause for great suffering.

Meditation, briefly, is a method for eliminating suffering in your life by seeing reality as it actually is. Every time you sit and follow the instructions, you are training the mind to handle the world better. Meditation is not something you do just for when you sit on a cushion or walk down a path, but something you can take with you throughout the day. Just like when you exercise in the gym you get daily fitness, so too with meditation.

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if a person is suffering from depression from so many years, what would you suggest him to do?

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