Disease 1. Holistic Management Of Diabetes Miletus – “Say Bye To Sugar”

Description – Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. India is the second largest diabetic country and every passing year the number is increasing. Diabetes occurs due to imbalance in us, so we have to bring back homeostasis. Mainly stress, anxiety, fear, desire for approval from self & others, lack of self love or love in life, less physical activity are responsible for it. Increased stress level or the hidden stress starts affecting the whole internal physical system, like metabolic, endocrinal etc.  causing Pancreas to gets overburdened and disturbing it’s function resulting in rise of sugar level.

By learning to bring back this homeostasis/ balance through Diabetes management program can be helpful in managing the diabetes. It is free from side effects and if followed properly can make you free from diabetes.

Diabetes Management programs includes –

  1. Special Yoga techniques(IAYT)
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. Detox (Half/Full…after evaluation can get decided)
  4. Diet
  5. Healing
  6. Consultation
  7. Ayurvedic herbs
  8. Stress management techniques
  9. Marma -Therapy
  10. Knowledge Sessions