Natural Methods Of Hormone Balance

There are several hormones which play an important role in making our body function. Out of them Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, insulin, and adrenaline and very importantly the steroid hormone the cortisol— are some of the extremely important ones that can affect several aspects of overall human health if there is imbalance in the levels.  These hormones are also known as chemical messengers which keeps a strong control on an individual’s appetite, weight as well mood. The endocrine glands present in the human body are responsible for producing the needed amount of every hormone for different processes happening in the body.  These days due to various reasons it is very common to see imbalance in the level of hormone among people of various age and sex. In place of taking hormonal medicines, doctors and health specialists associated with a naturopathic clinic in Delhi recommend going with Natural methods for hormone balance. Below are a few natural methods which proved to bring the needed balance in the hormone level of an individual. Not just natural and naturopathic ways but also therapeutic and clinical yoga can be used for managing such problems.

1. Include Sufficient Protein in each and Every Meal: Taking the required amount of protein in every meal is very important. The inclusion of dietary protein is a must as it contains important amino acids which a human body can’t make on its own but are important for maintaining muscle, skin and bone health. Protein impacts the release of important hormones which controls appetite and amount of food intake. It is important to note that the source of protein is very important as if we take synthetic and processed whey and casein proteins then those can aggravate acne. Even Egg protein may aggravate acne

 2. Do regular exercise: Physical activity is very important to influence the balance of hormonal in the human body and creates an overall positive impact on your health. A key benefit of doing exercise is that it impacts the ability towards reducing insulin levels and enhances insulin sensitivity. Insulin is one of those hormones which do several functions within the body. We will like to put a question here that if physical activity is great for acne , then why do so many regular and heavy gym goes and atheletes, get severe acne. The answer is simple you will find out.

3. Lower down Sugar intake and use of Refined Carbs:  As per medical science both sugar as well as refined carbs are responsible for several problems in the body.  It will help to reduce the chances of having and helps in controlling obesity, diabetes as well as several other diseases. Skin doctors treating acne and pimples in gurgaon have seen a spike in acne in urban areas due to this reason.

4. Control your stress: Stress can cause serious impact on your hormones. Two prime hormones which get badly affected due to stress are insulin and cortisol. A little bit of meditation daily will help to make the brain calm and maintain peace of mind. This will, in turn, lower down stress level and maintain balance in the hormone. Always do it under guidance and prepare the body and mind for it. According to a dermatologist in gurgaon they have seen many cases of adult acne aggravating due to stress and around stressful times in working population of gurgaon.

These are a few methods which can show considerable improvement in maintaining hormone balance in the body.

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