Balance In Imbalance

Stars ,the Sun ,Planets

Entire Universe and life thence,

We owe to balance in imbalance

When the universe began, exactly equal amounts of opposite particles were formed, the matter and anti-matter, which would have annihilated themselves leaving behind only Energy.

There would be no creation whatsoever. It was a slight imbalance in that state which caused us and the Whole Matter universe around us. However a slight imbalance again (phase change) and everything would POOF!!.

Sustainability needs balance, may it be microcosm or macrocosm. The sustainability (life), brought about by balance in imbalances, is the key to realize cosmic, Consciousness, the Self.

A deva and an asura went to learn about self from a great sage. They studied him for a long time. At last the sage said “You yourselves are the Being you are seeking”. Both thought that their bodies were the Self. The nature of the asura was ignorant, clouded, so he never inquired any further and was perfectly contended with the idea that he was GOD, eventually distancing away more from the Self.

Deva had a Pure nature. He soon realized the triviality of his strong, healthy body. The body can be perished, Self cannot. Then he thought the vital forces which work the body were what the sage meant. But the vital forces diminished if he starved, so that also cannot be the Self. Eventually he deduced the sage meant, The Mind by self, but it was too variable to be self.

At last it dawned upon him that he was the Self, neither the body, nor the mind but beyond them all. Beyond all though, without a beginning and endless, the omniscient, the omnipotent being.

Every individual is both a deva which represents the good within and asura representing the evil. The various imbalances of these elements creates a balance on their own, which decides the individual’s journey towards the Self.

If one proposes to teach any science to increase the power of sense enjoyment, one finds multitudes ready for it. If one undertakes to show the supreme goal, one finds few to listen to him.

So it is and has been your choice. The choice for glorification of the senses or to widen your consciousness. You can choose to either be more as a deva or an asura, and this defines your spiritual journey.

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