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Shri Kaushal

Shri Kaushal is a born mystic. From the age of 7 years he has been experiencing unexplained connection with energy, nature and supernatural phenomenas. He did his Software engineering but soon he realised his bigger purpose in life to spread the gems of our ancient sciences and bring wellness and happiness to all. He started his further journey towards this goal of absolute bliss through the path of Balance…Samattva.

Founder and creator of Samattva Foundation, Shri Kaushal is a Spiritualist, Holistic Healer and Yogacharya. An experience which spans over 15 years, mostly globetrotting, he has been preaching the veritable message of Samattva (Balance)in our lives. He combines several healing techniques to alleviate the human condition and spread both general and spiritual well-being. He has done his Masters in Yoga Science (Yoga Therapy) from SVYASA, University, Bangalore. As well Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, YIC, YCC (Yoga Certificate Course) and various energy healing techniques.

Core Strengths

Yogic Detoxification – Yogic detox is a technique to clean our whole system without using any herb, medicine or machine. It helps us to clean the major and vital organs by removing the toxins out from the system. Very helpful in curing the disease like migraine, sinus, asthma, gut related issues, psychosomatic disorders by bringing the balance in vata, pitta and kapha.

Breathox– is a technique based upon breath which helps in removing the toxins out and restoring the peace and balance at mental, physical and emotional level.

Prana– Working on Prana is one of his key strengths as well as being the primary area of his research. He believes this to be core of the ancient Indian philosophy. He looks at the Prana as a vital force which keeps us alive and any disturbance in this vital force leads to diseases. Clearing, channelizing and boosting the Prana can alleviate any suffering uplift our mental and physical states. He frequently uses this modality and so far the results have been extremely promising and effective .

Yogic-Counselling- This yogic counselling is completely based upon Indian ancient scriptures and philosophy. To help a person understand their problems and to choose the right therapy is another feather to his cap. This is done in a completely professional manner while maintaining strict confidentiality.
Retreat-Program-Designer- He has designed, implemented and conducted 155 retreats across the world. It is one of his unique key skills to design programmes based on different themes such as health, healing and spirituality etc.
Therapy-  Shri Kaushal’s technique aims to help a person alleviate their physical, mental and spiritual states.  The primary focus is general well being and uplifting of the mind. This can be achieved only by the therapist  connecting him/herself with the person who is suffering. Identifying the exact problem, understanding the needs, describing the problem in medical terms and then providing the solution through alternative healing are the key components of his therapy.
A key concept to be understood is that while we are all similar in certain aspects we are also different on others. Therefore, the efficacy of different techniques is different on different people. Instead of  adopting a ‘one size fits all’, he selects, modifies and combines several techniques for each individual to match their unique present state to reach the desired results more effectively.
Mantra & Energy Healing- Every mantra has its own unique frequency and when we chant a particular mantra then it produces a certain kind of vibration. Chanting of mantras can be used in many ways and for several purposes like uplifting of mind and body. He uses it as a tool for self-realisation and awareness.
Evidence-based-Therapy- Therapies are completely evidence and research based with pre-post data and results. All techniques employed are based on evidence and research.
Therapist/Healer-Client Relationship: –  Compassion, mutual respect and genuine interest in well-being are the foundations of any therapy. Careful understanding of the present state, individual concerns and goals are one of the first steps to begin any therapeutic relationship. This can only be done when a safe and positive environment is created that encourages open communication.
Shri Kaushal firmly believes that while techniques can be employed at a later stage, a therapist that is cheerful, warm and knowledgeable can build a relationship of trust with the client. Subsequently techniques can be discussed in detail and establish practical and realistic goals so that progress can both be monitored and measured.
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Techniques and Methods mostly used by him as guided by his divine connection and intuition personalised to every person undergoing healing.

Detoxification,SMT(Stress Management Therapy),PET (Pranic Energization Technique), MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique),Singing Bowl Meditation,SMET (Self Management of Excessive Tension), IAYT(Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy), Sound Therapy, Mantra Healing, Marma Therapy, Ayurveda, Prana vidya, Acupressure, Reiki, Kundalini, Yoga for beginners/kids, Prenatal/postnatal yoga,Yoga Nidra, Sama, Samattva, Trataka (Eye strengthening technique), Tantra Meditation Techniques,Head therapy, Laughter yoga, Aqua Yoga, Face yoga.

He has been working with a lot of prestigious institutes. To name a few are:

  • Healer/Wellness Program designer/ Counsellor at Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat Spa, Pune
  • R&D(Research & Development) -Yoga Therapy at JNI (Jindal Naturecure Institute), Bengaluru
  • Chief Senior Yoga teacher at Himalayan Yoga Bliss’, USA Yoga Alliance. Darjeeling.
  • Yoga & Stress Management Instructor Taj Hotels & Resorts,Goa
    Assistant Lecturer at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research University)
  • Along with Development of Holistic Department,Planning upcoming events, Holistic health consultation, Corporate Stress-Management, Organise Retreats, PRO- International


Has worked with various renowned Hospitals with doctors finding more wholistic approach to treatment and wellness.